Parking and Travelling

By Car

On-street parking Spoorlaan
At het Wapen van Tilburg and on the rest of the Spoorlaan one can use the meter with a rate of 2,20 per hour. One can pay by debit card or parking app (zone 51301)

On-street parking Burgemeester Brokxlaan
On the other side of the railroad through the Willem II passage (across of Het Wapen van Tilburg parking is a bit less expensive with a rate of 1,00 per hour. One can pay by debit card or parking app (zone 51360)

Parking tips hotel
Parkeergarage de Knegtel
Gasthuisring 60, 5041 TD, Tilburg

Hours of Operation: 24/7
Rates: 1,50 per hour with a minimum of 1,00. All day parking is 10,00.
Parkeergarage de Knegtel is a 5-minute walk from Het Wapen van Tilburg

Parking tip in the evening?
Parkeergarage Pieter Vreedeplein
Telegraafstraat 20, 5038 BP, Tilburg

Hours of operation: Monday till Saturday from 07:00 – 04:30 h,
Sundays and holidays 10:30 – 04:30 h
Rates: 2.00 per hour (on Saturday 3.00) with a minimum of 0,50. All day parking is 20,00.

By Bike

Bicycle parking hotel
Park your bike easy and fast using the bicycle hotel across of Het Wapen. This place is opened 27/7 and is fully manned. One can park their bike free for the first 24 hours. Small repairs and inflation of tires are possible as well. One does need an OV chipcard or borrow one at the desk of the bicycle hotel. One can also lent a OV chipcard at the bar of Het Wapen van Tilburg

By Public transportation

Het Wapen is placed conveniently across of the main train station  Plan your train trip via this link

The busstation is next to the train station and is close to Het Wapen van Tilburg, one can take the bus to De Beekse Bergen, de Efteling and or any other location. Check the fare online via this link